The First Ever National Medical Film Festival


MedFest 2011 events featured BAFTA winning short film 'Shadow Scan'






The worlds of medicine and film have a long and complicated relationship. Films such as ‘One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest’ and ‘My Left Foot’ have produced profound cinematic moments, but have also portrayed healthcare professionals and patients in controversial ways. MedFest 2011 explored the depiction of this world on-screen in all its different guises...


The first MedFest festival consisted of a series of 9 free events aimed at medical students, taking place at universities across the country. Each event was an evening of film screenings relating to the festival theme; ‘The Image of Doctors’. 



Invited panellists included comedians, authors, film-makers, actors and eminent doctors. Through discussion and debate, we examined the relationship between medicine and cinema, the depiction of doctors on screen and how this affects public opinion of the medical profession.