Barts - event 4th March

Nuruz Zaman


Currently a Fellow in Medical Education at Goodmayes and a Honorary Clinical Lecturer at Barts & The London. Usually a ST5 in Forensic Psychiatry. Interested in Violence, Spirituality, Neuroscience & Improvement Science. Cringe but: 'It's a pleasure being a part of the MedFest project, reaching those parts other named brands fail to reach.'


Claudia Ashton



I am a 4th year grad student at Barts and The London and have come to medicine after studying and working in Psychology and then psychiatric research. I founded the Barts PsychSoc in 2012 and the society is still in its early days. However, we are  progressing and expanding nicely and are greatly looking forward to welcoming MedFest 2014.

Brighton and Sussex - event 20th Feb

 Anna Maria Mead-Robson


Anna is a CT1 in West Sussex. Having graduated from St George's in 2011 she was evicted from London against her will by South Thames Foundation School. After a couple of beach parties she had no desire to return. When she's not at work or reading Freud she can normally be found in the company of her golden retriever.

Bristol - event 28th Feb

Anna taylor

Anna is a medical student at the University of Bristol, currently intercalating in Global Health post-Year Two. She is currently the President of Bristol's Psychiatry Society, but also enjoys dance, theatre and cinema in her spare time, as well as multiple roles in representation of medical students. She is currently particularly interested in academic psychiatry, and hopes to combine this work with her clinical practice.


Hosam Hamoui


I am Sam, CT2 Psychiatry trainee in Taunton. Should you've not heard of Taunton yet, this is maybe largest city in Somerset! Somehow I managed to give up my higher speciality training in surgery to do Psychiatry; so it better works! with bit of a push, I have probably visited most of the independent cinemas in the country .. as I just love their coffee. Leaving aside films and Psychiatry, I'm an super slow runner, yet hoping to survive my Triathlon next August. I pride my self on staying erect on my surfing board slightly more than 15 seconds. I hope you all enjoy Medfest 2014

Cambridge - event 21st Feb

Konstantinos Ioannidis


Konstantinos is a Liaison Psychiatry CT3 in Cambridge. He is interested in medical education and enjoys spending time with medical students. He is passionate about music and he is an amateur bass player. He has done sound engineering/design for an award-winning short film for the reduction of car use and for a sci-fi comedy that will be presented in Thessaloniki International Film Festival 2013. He is a remarkably slow cyclist but he insists on not giving it up.


Jonathan Rogers


Jonathan is a final-year medical student who is nominally at Cambridge but is frequently exiled to distant parts of East Anglia. Having intercalated in the catchily titled 'Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Tripos with Modern and Medieval Languages', he enjoys reading archaic fiction and debating arcane facts. With an avid interest in Psychiatry, he is looking forward to Medfest with enthusiastic anticipation.

Cardiff - event 26th Feb

Gemma Williams



Gemma is an ST6 in General Adult Psychiatry in Cardiff. She is interested in psychiatry in the media and undertook research looking at media professionals' perspectives of suicide reporting as part of a Masters degree. In her spare time, Gemma enjoys all types of art and was commissioned to create two dragons for a community art installation in Newport.


Laura Sutherland



I am currently working as a CT3 in Forensic Psychiatry in Perth. I am keen to recruit more medical students to psychiatry because it is, without a doubt, the most interesting area of medicine. I am a trainee representative on the Public Education Committee, combining my two loves – psychiatry and film. When not at work, I enjoy scuba diving, attending heavy metal concerts, travel and cooking Thai food


Imogen Bidwell

I’m a keen reader of medical history and psychiatry-related fiction. Outside the hospital confines I enjoy cooking a mean hyderabadi byriani and collecting old furniture and throwaways. Known as the ‘question girl’ in undergrad lectures; I’m too inquisitive for my own good! I’ve worked for homelessness services in Edinburgh and community arts projects in Dundee. Last year in Dundee we hosted Medfest for the first time and had an excited, forthcoming panel with great cross-disciplinary discussion. Two psychiatrists, one graphic novelist and an English Literature Professor will be hard to beat; we’re hoping to have an actor on the panel this year. 

Edinburgh - event 27th Feb

Alex Slater



Alex is a fourth year medical student at the University of Edinburgh. He has also obtained an intercalated degree in molecular genetics. In 2012 Alex joined the Edinburgh University Psychiatry Society and he has really enjoyed exploring different aspects of the specialty through their events. His other interests include first aid, learning French and scuba diving.

Glasgow - event 18th March

Anita Ganai



My name is Anita Ganai and I am a CT3 working in Old Age Psychiatry in Glasgow. I previously trained as a GP before choosing psychiatry as a career. Other than films, my interests are music, good food/prosecco and travelling. It was a great experience hosting Medfest last year and I'm looking forward to 2014.

Imperial - event 4th Feb

Michael Bloomfield



Michael loved directing plays as a student.  He began his specialty training in Psychiatry on the Charing Cross scheme before starting an MRC Clinical Research Fellowship in Psychiatric Imaging at Imperial.  He has worked at a clinic for treatment-resistant schizophrenia at the Maudsley and in psychotherapy at Chelsea & Westminster.


Keele - event 12th Feb

Sahdeea Sultana



I’m Sahdeea, a fourth year medical student at Keele. I enjoy exploring the humanities in medicine, which led me to intercalate in Philosophy at King’s College London. I love getting immersed in films and my year 3 SSC was perfect to do this, exploring the representation of mental illness in film. Together with my passion for Psychiatry, this inspired me to get involved in Medfest to hopefully get other students to appreciate what a great tool film is in both Psychiatry and Medicine.

Kings - event 20th Feb

Saffron Homayoun Mirza 



Saffron started out as a Human Scientist at UCL before taking a year out to travel around South America then study medicine on the Graduate Entry Course at Birmingham (2004-2008). She is currently a CT3 Psychiatry Trainee in South London and is president of her Trust’s junior doctor film club. Some of the things she loves doing are learning new languages, film, hiking and snowboarding.


Sally Bramley



Sally is a third year medical student who has been involved in the organization of Medfest at King’s College London since it’s first year, as well as the Medfest:Music! event which took place at the National Student Psychiatry Conference in Feb’13. She’s now looking forward to working with Kat to bring you something special at this year’s music event! Sal lives on a boat in South London where she enjoys hosting regular music and film nights with friends, whilst also taking every chance to sally forth to explore new places, meet new people and try new things.

Leeds - event 25th Feb

Alex Chatziagorakis


Alex is a CT3 in Psychiatry in Leeds. He is interested in psychotherapy, psychiatric research and medical education and he is actively involved in teaching medical students at the University of Leeds. He is the Leeds and Wakefield Psychiatry Junior Doctors' Committee Social Secretary and Psychotherapy Rep. Alex and Emily (co-local lead) have just set up the first psychoanalytic film discussion group in Leeds in an attempt to bring junior psychiatrists closer to the couch and the screen. In his spare time, Alex enjoys watching films, listening to music and baking for his friends and colleagues.


Emily Williams



Emily Williams is CT3 in Psychiatry in Leeds with special interests in CAMHS and psychotherapy. She and fellow Medfest coordinator Alex Chatziagorakis, are currently setting up a psychoanalytical film group for Leeds trainees. Her hobbies include Salsa dancing, shopping, cafe's and card making.


Charmian Reynoldson


Yorkshire born and Yorkshire bred, strong in t'arm and... you know the rest. Charmian is a 4th year medical student at Leeds and president of the Leeds Psyched. When she's not fighting against mental health stigma, she's wandering round the wilderness with her camera, playing video games, and updating her nail-art blog."

Liverpool - event 26th March

Declan Hyland



I am an ST4 in General Adult Psychiatry in the Mersey Deanery. I was very pleased Medfest came to Liverpool in 2013 and this year want it to be even bigger and better! I am passionate about recruitment into psychiatry and am heavily involved in promoting this in Mersey

Manchester - event 4th March

Khurram Sadiq


I am an ST5 in General Adult Psychiatry in Mersey Deanery. I am passionate about Medical Education and Transcultural psychiatry. I am heavily involved in  developing links for volunteering opportunities for trainees,  in low and middle income countries. My hobbies include  Philately and book reading.

Newcastle - event 27th Feb

Oriana Bezzina



Hi! I am Oriana, originally from Malta and studying medicine at Newcastle University. This year, however, I am intercalating in a Clinical and Health Psychology MSc. I have a keen interest in Psychiatry and recently I completed two SSCs in the field; one of which involved exploring the portrayal of mental illness in films. My fellow Newcastle PsychSoc committee members (Ayana, Becky & George) and I are excited to bring Medfest to Newcastle for the first time!

Peninsula - event 28th Feb

Daniel Racey



Daniel is an ACF in Child Mental Health in Exeter. He came to medicine late, having worked as a zoologist and a primary school teacher previously. He  thinks psychiatry is undersold and under-taught to Medical Students. His favourite films are Stalker, Three Colours Red, and How to Tame Your Dragon.

Queens - event 26th Feb

David Bell



I am a CT2 trainee in Belfast currently working with the Self Harm and Personality Disorder service. I am a PTC rep for Core Trainees in Northern Ireland and the PTC rep for the Faculty of Psychotherapy. I have a keen interest in the creative arts, including their therapeutic and expressive role within mental health, and enjoy writing and producing music in my own free time

Southampton - event 3rd March

Laur Evans



I'm a fourth year medical student at Southampton, evidently with an interest in psychiatry. I am president of our PsySoc, and am an undergraduate fellow in the specialty at the med school. I’m passionate about mental health campaigning and advocacy. I enjoyed running MedFest at our university previously, and am interested in the role popular culture plays in health literacy.

Sheffield - event 8th March

Salim Matta


Salim is currently an ST4 in General Adult Psychiatry. He is originally Lebanese and since he enjoys travelling went to medical school in Grenada for the first couple of years and then was fortunate enough to complete his clinical years between New York City and London. He is a keen photographer and spends most of his time behind the lens.

St George's - event 5th March

Bernard Chin


Bernie trained at St George’s Hospital Medical School back when it was still called SGHMS and now he works as a CT2 in South West London. He is actively teaching medical students at St George’s University when he’s not at court or prison doing forensic stuff voluntarily. His interests lie in crime and the law which of course makes him a film noir fan, particularly science fiction noir. Otherwise he spends his days perfecting his long sword techniques and planning the perfect heist on GTA V.


Jennifer Burgess



Hello Medfestees!  I'm Jen, Graduate Entry Medic (with a previous degree in Psychology), hopeful future psychiatrist, and first-time Medfest helper. I can currently be found attempting to survive 4th Year, and as Vice-President of the St George's Psychiatry Society (MENTIS).  We're an enthusiastic bunch trying to make a big noise at a small university, and we can't wait to host Medfest!

Warwick - event 27th feb

Katie Wooding



I am a final year medical student at Warwick University with a previous degree in Neuroscience. I’m drawn to psychiatry due to its thought provoking nature. Outside medicine I can be found challenging myself in various sporting endeavours, currently trying my hand at the obscure REAL Tennis. There is currently no psychiatry society at Warwick and I am hoping Medfest will provide the opportunity to kickstart interest!

UCL - event 4th March

Senem Sahin



Senem graduated from Cambridge and is a CT2 trainee in Psychiatry on London. She co-wrote, acted, directed and produced the Cambridge Medics Review at the Edinburgh Fringe festival. She is passionate about films and is currently working on a short film project on post-natal depression.


Ireland lead

Eric Kelleher 

Dublin - event 11th Feb

Eimear Pilkington


Ruby Hamill




Dublin, Royal college of surgeons - event 19th Mar

Emmet Power



Galway - event 6th Feb

Simon Neary



Limerick - event 6th March

Laura Griseto




Eric is the Chair of the Trainee Committee of the College of Psychiatrists of Ireland.  He is delighted to be coordinating Medfest in Ireland again. After a highly successful inaugral Medfest in Dublin in 2013, new sites for 2014 will be Limerick and Galway. Eric works as  a Clinical Research Fellow at St James Hospital and PhD student at the Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin. In his spare time he enjoys photography, theatre and marathon running







Eimear Pilkington is a 4th year medical Student in University College Dublin and co-organiser of Medfest Dublin. Eimear has always had an avid interest in psychiatry. Her other interests include gender and equality and sustainable global development.  After active engagement with Medfest Dublin 2013, Eimear wants to continue to develop Medfest in Ireland in 2014!






Ruby Hamill is a final year medical student at University College Dublin. Her interest in psychiatry was sparked during her rotation last year and she is excited to help out as co-organiser of Medfest Dublin! Ruby is a big fan of travel, cinema, walking her dog and making fanciful plans for what to do with her first paycheque.











Emmet is a fourth year medical student from Waterford studying in the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland. He has a keen interest in the epidemiology of psychiatric disorders and the pattern and onset of psychiatric morbidity across the lifespan. He previously completed three research electives with the PEARL research group in RCSI, (Psychiatric Epidemiology AcRoss the Lifespan), and has presented at national and international conferences. He wishes to pursue further academic study in this area after graduation. In his spare time, he watches too many films, plays and teaches piano, plays soccer and runs. He can be found most evenings running on the prom in Clontarf, Dublin, intimidating the locals by unknowingly singing along to whatever is on his iPod.







Simon is a 4th year medical student at the National University of Ireland, Galway. He has a keen interest in languages, having spent a semester abroad in France and obtaining a diploma in Irish from NUIG. In his spare time, he likes debating, travelling and horse riding. As auditor of the NUIG Medical Society and having published research in psychiatry, he is delighted to be coordinating Medfest in Galway for the first time.








Laura comes from Limerick City home of Angela's Ashes and Munster rugby. She has always had a keen interest in theatre in film, and has acted in many plays including Trainspotting while doing her undergraduate degree in Applied Psychology and Dancing at Lughnasa which toured Ireland last year. She is really looking forward to a fantastic MedFest in Limerick.



Riga, Latvia - event 19th Feb

Laura Stane




Laura is a psychiatry resident at Riga Stradins University and is currently based at the Centre of Psychiatry and Addiction Disorders in Riga, Latvia. She is the lead of the Young Psychiatrists’ Section of Latvian Association of Psychiatrists. She has organised several psychiatric film events and appreciated that as a good experience. Now she has assembled a team of dedicated and creative people who are looking into making Medfest Latvia as good as possible.

Canberra, Australia - event 11th March

Sameer Mathur



Sameer is a junior doctor at the Canberra Hospital in Australia. He is proud to be part of one of the teams bringing Medfest down under for the first time this March. Though his calling in the creative arts may have been missed (or yet to come...who knows) he loves the daily drama of his work and is keen to see it expressed on the big screen.

Melbourne, Australia - event 11th March

Farzana Zaman





Farzana is a 4th year medical student at Monash University.  Along with a group of dedicated, enthusiastic people, she is excited about bringing Medfest to Melbourne!  Farzana has an interest in psychiatry and is particularly passionate about reducing the stigma surrounding it, but ultimately hopes to become a clinician-scientist in oncology.  When not on the wards or spending quality time with textbooks, Farzana can be found playing violin in the Monash Medical Orchestra, writing fiction, watching French films and spending summers satiating her European Wanderlust.


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