Medfest Films 2014 



"To This Day"

Composed by Shane Koyczan, “To This Day” aims to raise awareness of the profound and long lasting effects that bullying in childhood can have. The film features 85 different animators from around the world, who each created 20 seconds of animation that join together to tell the story of the poem visually.



A timeline of polio - "His fighting Chance" and "Last Percent"

The first clip is a 1946 public education film entitled “His Fighting Chance”, narrated by Eleanor Roosevelt. The film was originally produced by the UK Central Office of Information and has been preserved by the BFI National Archive, care of the Wellcome Library in London. This is contrasted with the 2011 commercial "Last Percent", commissioned by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, which concentrates on the importance of the polio vaccine.  



"Dr Easy"

Produced by Shynola, "Dr Easy" is adapted from Matthew De Abaitua’s novel “The Red Men” - described as a “pervasive and Orwellian vision of contemporary society”. It features actors Tom Hollander and Alex McQueen.






A collection of clips from the recent Channel 4 series “Bedlam”, filmed in the South London and Maudsley NHS Trust, focuses on Lloyd, a man recently diagnosed with schizophrenia.


Old age / end of life


A very personal documentary directed by Lindsay Goodall, featuring her Grandmother who is affected by Alzheimer’s dementia. The film won numerous awards, including Best Short Documentary at the Palm Springs Film Festival and was nominated for a Scottish BAFTA.




"Flatline" is an American short film featuring two visionary surgeons from the Texas Heart Institute, Billy Cohn and Bud Frazier, and their invention of a prosthetic heart implant. The film may well challenge views on what the 'end of life' really is.