This year's theme is "The Power of Medicine"

The programme will be split into 3 parts for each event:

Part 1: "Power of Medicine for the Patient"


We will discuss the huge impact medicine can have on a patient, be it the difficulty or equally the relief of receiving a diagnosis, the sick role in society and the effect it has for the patient's self perception, the consequences of successful treatment and the importance of autonomy for the patient. We will show a section from the recent documentary "Russell Brand: From Addiction to Recovery" and contrast it with a short film made by american service users about the impact drug and alcohol abuse has had on them, their family and society.

Part 2: "Power of Medicine for the Doctor"

This section will look at the role of medicine for the doctor, focusing upon the positive influence a good doctor-patient relationship can have, and also the possible abuse of power that can take place within all areas of medicine. During this section, we will show the BAFTA winning animation "Mother of Many" and the premiere of a film especially commissioned by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. Please note that at the RSM event, 'Mother of Many' will be replaced by 'Go Away Evil', a short film by Delaney Ruston, which focuses on a woman living with bipolar affective disorder in South Africa.


Part 3: "Power of Medicine for Society"



In this final section, we will question how medicine can have an impact on society, focusing upon how international medicine can provide roles for Western medicine and whether this is positive or negative for the people who reside there. This will include a film on the work of Medcins Sans Frontieres.