The Medfest 2011 Team


Kamran Ahmed: Founder & Lead
Kamran Ahmed is an ST6 in general adult psychiatry in London and Vice-chair of the Psychiatric Trainees Committee. His work interests include cultural psychiatry, public education in psychiatry and medical education. Outside of work, he enjoys film and documentary-making, writing screenplays and going to music festivals (preferably abroad).
Alice Lomax: St. George’s link, Deputy Lead
Alice Lomax is an ST4 in General Adult psychiatry on the St. George's rotation, and currently working in Epsom. She is secretary to the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Trainees' Committee.  In her spare time she enjoys dancing, running and going to the cinema or theatre with friends.
Daniel Bennett: Aberdeen link
Daniel is a Clinical Lecturer and forensic psychiatrist in Aberdeen.  His work interests include the interface of psychiatry with the law, education, patient communication and the use of physical treatments for mental illness.  He is also a hockey umpire, an observer for the Institute of Advanced Motorists and a sports fan.
Steven Birrell: Edinburgh link
Steve is an ST3 in liaison psychiatry in Edinburgh. He represents south east Scotland on the PTC. In his spare time, he like to play music with his band, socialise, drink coffee, travel, read, write, cycle, walk, look up random information on Wikipedia, watch movies, and take photographs of the sky.

Stephen Ginn: website
Is a higher trainee in general adult psychiatry.  He writes the blog www.frontierpsychiatrist.co.uk He is a member of the Medical Journalists´ Association and led the 2010 London Psychiatric Trainee Conference. His interests outside psychiatry and writing are cooking, cycling, yoga and indie music.

Neel Halder: Manchester link
Neel is an ST6 Psychiatrist in Learning disabilities and Medical Education Fellow, working in Manchester. He is also the trainee Editor of the journal The Psychiatrist. His work interests include public education in psychiatry and undergraduate medical education. Outside of work, his interests include badminton, photography and cinema.
Roxanne Keynejad: King’s College London link
Roxanne is a third year graduate medical student at King’s College London, having done a first degree in Psychology with Philosophy. She is the medical student representative on the PTC and was president of KCL Psychiatry Society last year. Travelling, book clubs, Bollywood and afternoon tea are her areas of specialism
Catriona Mellor: Bristol link
Catriona is an ST4 in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry in Bristol and the Southwest Division Rep on the PTC. Her work interests include promoting mental health awareness through links with Bristol University and local secondary schools. She also enjoys mountain biking, tennis, the seaside and being with friends and family.
Meinou Simmons: Cambridge link
Meinou is a Child and Adolescent psychiatry trainee in Cambridge. She was one of the founders of the Cambridge University Psychsoc and continues to support them. She is involved in the European Federation of Psychiatric Trainees and is interested in medical education. Outside of work, she enjoys trips to Paris and running
Paul Emmerson: Cardiff link
Paul is a clinical lecturer in psychiatry in Cardiff. He has a long held interest in film and is applying this to the teaching of psychiatry through film based teaching sessions. He is working with the Cardiff Psychsoc to make film an integral part of undergraduate psychiatry in Wales.
Dan Sherwood: Poster design
Dan Sherwood works as an ST4 in general adult psychiatry and is the PTC armed forces representative. His interests include songwriting (he was a finalist in the 2010 International Songwriting Competition) and singing in the London Oriana Choir. When duty calls upon him to adopt his "war-face", Dan enjoys rock climbing and cycling
Rory Conn: UCL Link
Rory qualified at UCL and is a CT1 trainee in psychiatry at the Royal Free. He has a degree in Medical Humanities and has published research on the portrayal of psychiatric disorders in film, particularly autism. His passions are photography, acting and stand-up comedy, which he performs in London.
Dave Middleton: Cambridge and East Anglia Link
David Middleton is an ST5 working in Cambridge and is a representative for the Eastern Deanery on the PTC. His work interests include public education, undergraduate and trainee teaching and medical leadership. Outside of work, he enjoys rugby, cricket and trying to be an amateur farmer.