School of Foreign Languages

The School of Foreign Languages consists of Department of English, Department of Translation, Department of Japanese, Department of French, Sector of Public Foreign Language Teaching and Foreign Language Diagnosis and Coaching Center. With serving local economic development as the main goal, the School attaches great importance to the integration and collaborative innovation of foreign language and industry, thus cultivating high-quality application-oriented foreign language talents skilled at applying foreign languages and other relevant knowledge to engage in business, translation, economy and trade, foreign affairs, tourism, etc. The School has built a “theory + practice” curriculum system to promote the teaching quality vigorously, maximizes the cooperation with enterprises to jointly educate talents thus integrating educational goals with corporate economic goals, bases itself on local economy, presents diversified ideas and aims to cultivate application-oriented foreign language talents meeting the demands of the job market.

The School has four undergraduate majors, namely English Major, Translation Major, Japanese Major and French Major. It has more than 140 faculty members, including 4 professors, 44 associate professors and 14 foreign teachers, forming a team of teaching staff with moderate scale, reasonable structure and good quality. The School stresses the construction of three-dimensional practical teaching system and the cultivation of students’ practical abilities. It has established several internal and external practical teaching platforms, including Provincial Demonstration Center of Experimental Teaching, Public Experimental Teaching Platform for Developing Foreign Language Listening and Speaking Abilities of College Students, Japanese Language Lab, French Language Lab, English-American Language Lab, Simultaneous Interpretation Lab and more than 30 off-campus practice bases, which provide a strong guarantee for the smooth implementation of practical teaching.Meanwhile, the School has built an international cultural street on the basis of the original Cultural Experience Pavilion, which includes the British Cultural Experience Pavilion, the American Cultural Experience Pavilion, the French Cultural Experience Pavilion, the Japanese Cultural Experience Pavilion, the Spanish Cultural Experience Pavilion and the Southeast Asian Cultural Experience Pavilion, creating rich exotic cultural atmosphere. In addition, the School is innovative in establishing the Foreign Language Diagnosis and Coaching Center. Equipped with a strong faculty team and advanced coaching equipment system, it provides students with “personalized, precise, advanced” coaching and tracking plan through language learning platforms to deal with various problems encountered in language learning.Furthermore, the School has established cooperation with the Fuzhou Municipal Committee of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Fuzhou YGYM Translation Service Co. Ltd., and Fuzhou UK Visa Application Center to provide students with the opportunity to accumulate practical experience. It’s worth noting that the YGYM Practical and Teaching Base for Translation Ability Training is the Fujian Provincial Practical and Teaching Base of University-Enterprise Cooperation.

In recent years, teachers and students have actively participated in national, provincial and municipal professional skills competitions. Many teachers have won awards at the Young Teachers’ Teaching Competition of the Fujian Province and the FLTRP Cup Teacher Skills Competition, while the students have won awards at the National English Competition for College Students, the “FLTRP Cup” National English Speech Contest and English Writing Contest, the national “Japanese Speaking Skills Contest” and national “Japanese Melodrama Contest”. In seeking international cooperation on teaching, the School has established alliances with University of Plymouth in UK, University of Chichester in UK, STUDIALIS in France, Haute Ecole de la Province de Liège in Belgium, Stony Brook University in the U.S., Alliant International University in the U.S., Dhurakij Pundit University in Thailand, Anglia Ruskin University in UK, and The University of Western Australia in Australia, etc., covering many cooperation projects such as “2+2” (double bachelor’s degree), “3+3” and “3+1+1” (bachelor’s degree + master degree), paid overseas internship in summer, student exchange program, and overseas summer camps and so on.

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