School of Finance and Accounting

The School of Finance and Accounting of Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade consists of six departments, namely Department of Accounting, Department of Financial Management, Department of Auditing, Department of Finance, Department of Financial Engineering and Department of Investments, covering 6 full-time undergraduate majors in accounting, financial management, auditing, finance, financial engineering and investment. With approximately 5,000 enrolled students, the School is a secondary college characterized by largest scale, strong schooling strength and unique specialty construction in Fuzhou University of International Studies and Trade.

The School has 1 provincial key discipline of business administration, 1 provincial application-oriented discipline of business administration, 1 Fujian provincial humanities and social science research base, 2 provincial experimental demonstration centers which include Virtual Business Social Environment (VBSE) Lab, ERP Lab, Audit Simulation Lab,PoweriseFinancial Big Data Lab, ERP Sandbox Simulation Lab, Asset Investment and Securities Trading Lab, Financial and Commercial Bank Simulation Lab, Finance and Accounting Manual Lab, Investment and Financial Management Lab, Comprehensive Finance and Accounting Lab and other professional labs.

The School focuses its strategy on teaching, scientific research, and service for local economy based on the schooling ideas and development goals in its development. It currently has 128 faculty members, including 5 with senior titles, 26 with associate titles and 10 with doctorates. 66% of the School teachers have obtained professional qualifications as certified public accountants, senior accountants, certified tax agents, and intermediate economists. They have rich experience in the industry. Meanwhile, the School has continuously strengthened the talent introduction and training, optimized the structure of the teaching staff, strengthened the building of teaching teams and scientific research teams, promoted problem-oriented precise training, strengthened the training of backbone teachers, and deepened the cultivation of the “double qualified” teachers. At present, besides the 7 doctors introduced from Taiwan, the School has 15 enrolled doctoral candidates, 6 of whom have been admitted to domestic universities while the other 9 ones have been sent to the Philippines to study for the doctoral degree. The “Experimental Course Group of Entrepreneurship Planning” established by the School was selected as the “2018 Fujian Provincial Teaching Team”. In addition, the School has held more than 100 teaching and research activities in the forms of seminars, demonstration class, academic exchanges, and lectures delivered by experts and scholars.

The School strives to build its image by cultural construction, promotes the educational effectiveness by adopting the “peer mutual aid” method, and sets up a teacher-student exchange platform through carnival activities. Besides, it carries forward the spirit of volunteers serving the society by conducting sharing and co-building activities in Changle, so as to contribute to the local development. For example, it carried out the volunteer teaching activity titled “Teaching and Delivering Happiness to Children” in Changle Zhuhu Primary School, built the “Sunflower Volunteer” team together with the Youth Social Work Center of the Youth League Committee of Changle District, and initiated the volunteer project themed “Great Love of Bing Xin, Sailing of Good Deeds” with Bing Xin Literature Museum (Updated on March 18, 2019).

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