School of Art and Design

The School of Art and Design, originally the Department of Art media, was founded in June 2018 by merging the Department of Film and Television and the Department of Fine Arts and Design. The School consists of Department of Radio & Television Editing and Directing, Department of Animation, Department of Visual Communication Design, Department of Environmental Design, Department of Fashion Design, Department of Fine Arts, and offers undergraduate programs in radio & television editing and directing, animation, animation (Fujian-Taiwan), visual communication design, environmental design, fashion design, and fine arts. Chen Guoxiang, the first design Ph.D. in the U.S. and the former Dean of the School of Communication and Design of Taiwan’s I-shou University, acts as the Dean of the School. The School has more than 3,200 students, and most of the teachers are masters and doctors from key universities at home and abroad. Over the years, the School has focused on the overall idea of school running, adhered to the educational philosophy of “Benevolence in Mind, Expression and Action”, and been aimed at cultivating high-quality application-oriented art talents with “solid foundation, literacy, creativity and strong skills”, taking advantage of local resources and culture to serve regional socio-cultural and economic development.

The School has perfect teaching facilities and superior experimental conditions. It is equipped with labs covering art disciplines, such as studio, art gallery, building of costume craft practice, animation lab, photography and video lab, studio of visual communication design, ceramic studio, lacquer painting studio, sculpture studio, creating favorable training conditions for students.

The School attaches great importance to the quality of teaching, strengthens the construction of the teaching staff, and has obtained fruitful results in teaching and research. The teachers have obtained the approval of 11 horizontal projects, and 44 projects at the department level and above, and published 6 academic monographs, more than 130 papers (works). Their works have participated in 27 competitions at the provincial level and above.

The School focuses on the idea of “promoting learning by competition and promoting learning by exhibition”, and takes the “Six Arts” practice platform as the starting point to strengthen the comprehensive quality of students. In recent years, students have participated in various disciplinary competitions with fruitful results. They have won 237 competitions at the provincial level and above, and 34 innovation & entrepreneurship training programs for college students at the provincial level and above. Instructed by teacher Zheng Zeling of our School, the team project “Tangjie Workshop - Art Alliance” composed of School students and the alumna Qu Shan won the silver medal of the 4th China Internet + College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition.

The School attaches great importance to exchanges and schooling cooperation between Fujian and Taiwan, and has established an international academic exchange network featuring “systems with benchmarks and years of exchanges”. It has sent teachers and students to universities in Taiwan, including I-Shou University, Shu-Te University and Asia University, while hiring Taiwanese teachers for teaching and giving lectures.

The School adheres to the responsibility of cultivating the talents of artistic design serving the regional cultural and creative industries, and promotes the cooperation between the university and enterprises in accordance with the development requirements of “one department, one industry”. The School of Tianhong Digital Media Application Industry, co-established by Fuzhou Tianhong Creation Culture Communication Co., Ltd. and the School, serves personnel training and deepens industry-teaching integration effectively. Besides, the School has actively built off-campus practical teaching and practice bases. In recent years, the 52 specialty construction bases have become a strong support for classroom teaching, enabling students to actively expand the artistic literacy, professional skills, innovative thinking and entrepreneurial capability. The quality of graduate employment has therefore been continuously improved.

In the new era for new development, the School will closely focus on the overall layout of the university’s career development, strictly implement the School’s talent training objectives, continuously improve the connotation of running schools, improve the quality of talents, and cultivate more application-oriented undergraduate talents of art and design that meet the development requirements of the new era.




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